The timeless worlds touch ours as moments of miraculous possibility. They are indeed eternally present to be discovered. What may be discovered I cannot say because you will bring your own knowledge and we will make something else between us which has never been seen. It will be like the first moment hydrogen and oxygen met to make water, an unbelievable result that brought the possibility of all that life will be. In the next seconds and hours you spend here lies another unbelievable necessity needing only its spark.

It was said:

After a 16-day conference on dreaming:

“It’s late and I am brain-fried and weary and regretting all the comments I haven’t had time to make and the dialogues I haven’t been able to squeeze in but I can’t let this conference end without telling you – here, because I think you will see it! – that you are like the genie in the bottle, and I mean this in the best possible way. You enchant and provoke and astonish and challenge me in ways that make me dizzy and delighted. I’ve so enjoyed seeing you materialize from your magical lamp and sprinkle illuminating wisps of wisdom and rants and witticisms like fairy dust all over these endless pages of words we call psiberspace. You make me smile and fidget and want to grab my pen – no computer will do for this – and craft something dazzlingly original or outrageous or numinously both – and that, dear dreamer, is a wonderful gift. Thank you!


May we always be so lucky.


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