Among all the things I have written there will be some sentences that are worth knowing and have living in you.  Unfortunately they do not live outside the matrix of the stories. There is no easy way to discovering what is here. I have been delightedly working at it day and night for 55 years and still I know nothing for certain except that there is life and this is it here. Just as writing it was never a bad experience, reading it is not meant to be a bad experience either. The books are written by the universe only as it is written in me. It is no sort of first or last word on anything. A tiny part is a holographic chip of the whole. If you read only one page everything is there and it’s all you need. The price has been kept very low, a quarter of a commercial cup of coffee in London, in the posh places three sips. Of the approx 3500 pages online 350 of them are absolutely free. Reading only them is a better than nothing at all strategy but it may wake a desire which will leave you very hungry. Fortunately, the hunger can be assuaged for the price of a cup of coffee for yourself and your friend.  And your time. It will take a little of your time and some of your quest. In that sense it will give you a lot more time, perhaps even a taste of eternity.


I think European sites are adding around a third to this because of VAT. Best to stick to US where the $0.99 still applies.

Not all are equally online at this moment, but it’s getting close. My personal favourite right now is the last one revised which is AS IF WE, Part 2, Total Love. I find the story amazing. Where did it come from? And the story of the story, which is in there, is infinitely more amazing. I don’t want to overcook it. After all, this is my baby.  And I love her like crazy.

“Infinitony’ is just a way of organising myself in the vast chaos of online publishing. It is also relevant to what I write but but being ABSOLUTELY Britishly conservative (ABC) I have never changed my hair-style, my name or my socks since I was born. I DON’T DO that sort of thing. I would prefer to be plain Tony Hawkins but until my pheromones become massively famous it’s an unaffordable luxury.